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Teasing me to get wet

True story

True story

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My wife seems to always go commando on her dates

That’s partially how she met her last co…

That’s partially how she met her last couple bulls

The Beautiful Intimacy of Cum Feeding



Cum feeding is a creampie cleanup, but a little different. Instead of your cuckold crawling between your legs to clean up, he’s waiting on his back for you to feed the cum to him. You are in complete control. You are the one that determines when he gets to eat. It can feel more intimate and erotic, like the two of you are participating in this wondrous game together.

It’s most sensual when he’s on his back. He’s vulnerable underneath you. He trusts you completely. He knows exactly what’s in your pussy and he can’t wait for it to fill his mouth.

Doesn’t that thought alone turn you on a little? You have someone else’s cum in your pussy and your husband wants to swallow it. You want you to feed it to him. It’s a beautiful way to recapture the intimacy of a husband and wife relationship after you’ve been with someone else.

If you’ve just been fucked particularly hard, your husband’s tongue can feel wonderfully soothing. He can’t get too vigorous about it, but to feel him lapping at your labia is thrilling.

You’ll hear him moan as you begin to feed him. As your lover’s cum seeps out of your body and into your cuckold’s mouth, he’ll be overwhelmed with lust. This is his favorite part of the night. Isn’t that beautiful? Reconnecting with you by eating another man’s cum from your pussy is your cuckold’s favorite thing. That’s just incredible.

What this lovely girl is doing is a great way to deepen that bond. Take his hands in yours as you feed him cum. Hold them as you gently ride his face and let your lover’s cum drip into his mouth. Enjoy the look of bliss on his face. He’s in his happy place. He’s eating cum from your pussy.

It’s important to remember that he genuinely loves this. He loves that you fucked someone else. He loves that someone else came inside you. He loves eating that man’s cum from you. It’s his favorite thing in the world, and by feeding it to him you’re enhancing that pleasure.

The more active you are in the cum feeding, the more effective it will be. Instead of just sitting on his face and browsing on your phone, use it as a chance to connect with him. Look down at your husband. Encourage him with sensual dirty talk about eating your lover’s cum. Put your hands in his hair. Guide him to the right spot.

If you can cum again while on your husband’s face, do so. After he’s gotten all the cum out of you, encourage him to lick your clit and bring you to a final climax for the evening. If you want to give him an orgasm, do it after you’ve had yours.

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sexiest thoughts ever. mmmf. need right now baby!

smallonedenied: My wife has a few friends who…


My wife has a few friends who just love going out with my wife, and making me drive them around, treating me like their personal bitch, while they flirt and pick up guys to fuck with my my wife. It’s so humiliating driving them around, knowing they are in the mood to be fucked, but won’t fuck me because I am a my little dick can’t get them off


Should be

Should be

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I can visualize my wife giving me this perfect look, a look like she did nothing wrong. A naughty look that tells me she is a Hotwife and a smile that tells me I’m a cuckold. 

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Ur the boss 🔐😆😆😆⛔️💦#onlyshecums

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