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Recurring dream

“Sorry not sorry cucky, I need you to stay locked to make sure I’m wet all night”

I have a face dildo in my mouth and cannot speak, I’m also tied up hands behind my back. I look on, salivating as she rides my face to get another orgasm.

“Mmm yes you’re a good cucky!” She says as excessive pussy nectar streams down my face.

The key hanging between her breasts seems to glow, eminating a beacon to all nearby bulls like some cuckoldress superpower. Nicky pushes me under the bed and she starts squirting lube up her butt and checking herself in the mirror.

The first guy arrives and I can see his feet. His feet are gigantic. I hear the dialogue, “hey baby girl, you rang?”

“You and a few others,” she giggled, “cucky just wasn’t quite doing it for me.” He laughed.

“Has cucky every quite done it for you? Has he ever..?” He wanders off, pants hit the ground, she gasps.

“…reached these parts of you?” After he spun her around as he inserts himself.

Another man enters the room, “oh god~” nicky starts to moan “cucky has never been that deep!” Never will be either…

The second man says nothing, unzipping his pants and commanding, “suck, slut.” I lay there looking at three sets of feet, huge feet facing each other. I lie there listening to the slapping of thighs against her ass and the gagging on his cock.

“You taste so good! Let’s get on the bed!” Nicky proclaims before cracking a devilish smile. “We can fuck on Taylor’s side” she says slyly.

There was no verbal response from the men but they quickly got on the bed. Mouth dildo still in, straining in my cage, I’m dying for some release.

More screams of pleasure. A third man enters the room. Nicky makes a loud yelp and screams in ecstasy, grinding down and orgasming for what’s to come. She turns to the third man, “Ok, ok, so you lay down, I ride your cock, you come in behind me and fuck my ass, and you…” she trails off, “get your dick sucked.” she directed.

With an enthusiastic ‘yes maam’ after each direction to each of the guys before the sound of slapping resumes and the bedsprings pushed down on me.

The sound of muffled screams on a dick that’s being fucked. The ass I’ve never fucked greedily taking all of the strangers cock. Privileges I’ve never been granted taken feet from me.

While her mouth was full after a few minutes the guys started talking, “this slut is the perfect little fucktoy.” One says, “I cant believe her husband lets her do this.” Another adds. The sloppy cock sucking stops,

“He doesn’t let me do this, I have the pussy, I make the rules! Plus I have the key to his heart!” She laughs before going back to gagging on the strangers fallace. The guys laugh, slapping and slapping until finally,

“Oh god!” The two in her backside say simultaneously

“Yes!” My hotwife screams, really pushing the springs closer to me.

Moans of relief as two men simultaneously cum in her. The bouncing slows, the gagging does not.

Suddenly she hops off the bed and sits down on her knees, ass and pussy facing me so I can see her cum glazed holes. “Cum on my key!” She says, and the last man jumps off the bed and without much ado does just that.

Nicky is quiet but says a few words of happiness, satisfaction, and gratitude before the men leave.

She then pulls me out from under the bed, pulls off the face dildo and commands me to lick her clean.

I lie down where the men were fucking her and she quickly hops on, grabbing and squeezing my caged balls. This seems to make her more wet, but maybe that’s the cum. She grinds her holes against my mouth and nose, making large long scooting motions.

I can feel the cum on her tits rub into my stomach and she bites my balls gently. She starts cumming one last time, grinding against me.

I can hear the key clinking against my cage, resting on the lock but never going in the hole.





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Maybe you will be able to watch next time.

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Let’s play a little game called “see who cums first.” Loser doesn’t get to cum! 😈

Ready? GO!

Oops, looks like I won. Better luck next time! 😏

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Interracial cuckold videos –

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The effects of exploring chastity and male org…



I saw a question on a forum today that asked:

Has anyone out there experienced changes or benefits to your life as a result of chastity? 

Here’s a slightly edited version of my reply which I thought you might find interesting. 

Let’s focus on the increased intimacy first, because that is what truly astounded us when we started this. We bought a cheap CB-6000 as a bit of fun when buying other toys, didn’t even try it for a week or two. He practised with it to get used to it for a few hours, and then when I put it on him that first time, honestly it still makes me feel all tingly. There was something so much more intimate in locking up his cock than I could ever imagine. Suddenly sex wasn’t all about getting to the point where that cock cums in or on me, it pretty much instantly rewrote the rulebook!

Anyway, back to the question, what have been the effects beyond that…

  • we spend more time having sex than when we were first married let alone the last ten years. We’re physically intimate, maybe four or five times a week, and that’s not including quick edges. My friends didn’t believe me at first (and they still don’t know why). I actually have to talk about it less with them because it’s got to the point it pisses them off! (Part of the reason I set up my little Chastity WAGS thing to have others to chat to normally about it).
  • we are both taking more care with our appearance, exercising more, eating better – the funniest fitness incentive for him is now he fucks me with a strap on or extender, he doesn’t have the ‘end point’ of cumming to let him stop! So we’re doing it for longer and longer (I’m starting to cum just from it now, which is AMAZING) – but he’s not fit enough to keep pounding away at me for as long as I need! So he’s now running, doing weights, so he can fuck my brains out with a huge strap on for long enough – can you even believe it
  • we were pretty good at date nights etc but he’s more romantic again, I get more flowers, cards, etc – still more to do but it’s a great improvement
  • he’s much more helpful around the house without me asking – I’m not into the demanding he does it all thing, but with him naturally being better, plus me being a bit bolder to ask, it’s a huge improvement
  • I’m kinkier than ever – were were pretty kinky to start with, all his fault, got me into enjoying being submissive pretty early on – and we’ve always been relatively switchy, but he was where it all came from and I just went along with it (and loved it). But now I’m coming up with the ideas, I’m getting inspiration from tumblr and my Chastity WAGS (beware letting us get together lol) – I mean, I run a successful sex blog now, what the hell?!!!
  • I’m not scared of his fantasies any more – I used to worry I couldn’t fulfil them, but with tease and denial and chastity, I’ve BECOME them! And the other stuff he tells me, and he tells me everything now, I love interrogating him as I edge him, so fucking hot, he can tell me anything and it’s not a threat. If I like it, great, if not I tell him that too and because he’s let it out, it’s no longer a big thing, and we can focus on the ones we both get off to.
  • I’m really into porn – but it has to be good – I was always reluctant to watch it before, good Christian girl and all that, but again, because he’s so focused on me with the chastity I no longer see it as competition. Sure, sometimes all the perfect bodies are still a bit depressing, and we don’t watch it lots, but we do sometimes and we really enjoy it together. Also Tumblr’s been brilliant for that, just getting me more relaxed about it all and learning it’s okay to just pass over stuff I don’t like rather than seeing it as threatening or awful.
  • I’m really, really into big cocks – this is the huge surprise (pun intended). I just wasn’t into other cocks much at all. I felt awkward looking at them in porn, I was totally focused on hubby’s and loved it and it was all I needed. And that was great. But now… oh god, he’s totally mind fucked me into loving looking at big cocks and I adore it now. I look at a big beautiful cock and my tummy gets butterflies and my pussy gets wet. And hubby LOVES IT. It’s really kind of hot that he’s done this to me, the main technique was just long, long cunnilingus sessions as I watched big cock compilation videos he’d found for me. I’m kind of into all that hypnosis, mind games stuff so the idea he’s turned me onto that is super hot. Let me be clear, I’m not into other men, just the cocks. We’re still strictly monogamous. But thanks to our King Cock strap on, I have the perfect huge cock whenever I want it. Happy, happy days!
  • I’m way more into anal – but I don’t let him have it! This is kind of fucked up but funny. I used to do anal mostly because he wanted it, and it gave me a submissive thrill to give it to him. It felt okay, never great, but I loved how excited it got him. But now he’s caged, I’m WAY more into the idea! I love the idea of his cock being the perfect size for my bottom – it’s a turn on now. And he’s sees that. But I also get an evil thrill of NOT letting him fuck me there! I tease him mercilessly – ‘god honey I wish you could fuck my ass right now, too bad you’re in a cage’. I promise him my ass for special occasions, tell him how he can cum deep in it – and then find excuses to not let him! And best of all, I get him to lick it instead of fuck it while I get off!
  • He’s become an oral Sex god! – he used to go down on me, sure, but it was only ever part of foreplay, he didn’t stay down there too long, and honestly, I always felt a it uncomfortable letting him do it! But now, oh my fucking god, he’ll suck and lick me to nirvana whenever I want (I still don’t demand it enough but I’m getting better) – and he LOVES it. He has got SO good at it (make him read this if he isn’t amazing yet: – he’ll make me cum again and again from it, or even better keep me on the edge for ages until I’ve lost my mind and then finally make me cum, or fuck me to orgasm with the strap on. Just, wow. I mean he’ll spend up to an hour between my legs when he’s caged – that’ll drop to 10-15 minutes if he’s not, it’s like magic (that’s still three times what I used to get).
  • I’m excited about the future of our sex life – so many of my friends bemoan the continuing death throes of their sex life, while all we are is excited about where it’s going. I can see this kink sustaining our sex life for decades! It’s perfect as you get older too, as many here demonstrate.

So there you go, interesting to reflect on it all. I bet there’s more but I need to get stuff done! lol But wow, isn’t this the best kink ever!

Jane xxx

Jane sees this chastity thing very much like my Wife does. Elle has taken control and his having so much fun with it that I am sometimes a bit scared for what I have let myself in for. But the important thing is that there is an element of realness to it. Yes, it’s fun, but it has to be real as well.

I am currently in my seventh week of denial. Elle doesn’t mess around anymore with the length of time between my orgasms. The minimum tends to be about two months and she is thinking of pushing me way beyond that.

You know that feeling you get mere moments before an orgasm? That build up of pressure in your groin that if you are young you rush towards and if you are more experienced you slow down and let it build up? Just writing this is giving me that feeling.

clickthelock: Hi it’s me, is he all tied up? …


Hi it’s me, is he all tied up? Put me on speaker phone would you? Thanks. Uhhhhh…..

Hi honey, Uhhhhh…. it’s me I’m at my hotel. I hear that Mistress B has tied you up nice and tight and finally unlocked your chastity device. I bet you’re really looking forward to your orgasm aren’t you, it’s been weeks. Uhhhhhh…..

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