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thewhitegirlnextdoor: carythecuck:Reality now…



Reality now

Look how easily that huge black snake just pops right in. She was so juicy and ready for him.

Have you ever gotten a woman wet like that, whitebois?

Didn’t think so.

The only time I get nicky that wet is when I detail my denial and her cheating

cucked-and-loving-it: Honey, you are so good …


Honey, you are so good to me. You know, when I’m out being plowed by some stud, I actually look forward to coming home to you with a well-used, freshly fucked pussy. It’s so nice to be pampered with a glass of wine and a gentle and soothing eat-out. I feel so loved and cared for. Thank you for doing that Baby.



Our speciality <3


I’m so lucky :)

I’m so lucky 🙂









I’m Ready For You

Minutes from home I noticed my phone light up from a new text message from Queen Stella.

“I’m ready for you.”

My heart started to race a little bit faster as I pressed down on the accelerator a little bit harder. Once at home I quickly parked and ran towards the side door, not bothering to gather my belongings from inside my car like I normally would have.

The house was dark with the exception of a small night light glowing in the kitchen. Our bedroom door was closed. The bedroom lights were also out but I heard her giggle from atop of the bed.

“Turn on the lights and take off your clothes” she ordered.

I reached over and flipped on the switch. There she was, laying in the center of the bed, waiting for me. The sheets covered her legs. She stared as I unbuttoned my shirt in record time. Pants, socks, and thong immediately followed.

“I have a treat for you”, she said as she removed the covers from over her legs, “But I want you to take a couple of pictures.”

Two swipes and my camera was ready for action. She repositioned her body towards me and the camera and opened her legs. No faster than she opened her legs, a load of fresh white cum started to run down her pussy.

“He came inside of me!” She said proudly.

One picture was all I had time to take as the cum had already began running down her. I tossed my phone to the side and dove into her lap eager to start cleaning her up.

I could tell he had just finished, and I could tell she was exhausted. After I cleaned what was coming out my tongue went deep inside of her to start gathering the rest. I faintly heard her moaning as she pressed her thighs against my head.

Minutes later her body started to quiver. I felt her hands pull my head closer into her and her legs open back up.

“Keep going cucky, don’t stop!” She demanded.

I continued faster and harder until she let out a loud pleasurable scream. She had cum again!

We both paused for a couple of seconds, gathering ourselves and catching our breathe. I slowly kissed her inner thighs as her pussy was too sensitive. She twitched a few more times before pulling me up to cuddle up next to her.

She wanted to see if I had done a good job cleaning her up and so I took another photo to show her.

She responded with a satisfied smile.

“Thank you ma’am!” I said as I laid back down behind her.

So many thoughts and feelings rushed through me as I cleaned her out. Lately, I’ve been feeling more and more satisfied whenever I’m done pleasuring her. I feel as though we are connecting on a much deeper level. I couldn’t be happier.

One day, one of the guys that fucks my wife se…

One day, one of the guys that fucks my wife sent me an email with dozens of pics and videos of her that I’d never seen before

I love my whore wife