Anniston Alabama Drug Rehab

Anniston Alabama Drug Rehab: Be kind to yourself. In the past, youve likely beaten yourself up over misdeeds youve committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but its important to realize that those feelings are perfectly normal and happen to almost everyone in early recovery. Its OK if you dont succeed at the first try in everything you attempt.

Anniston Alabama Drug Rehab: Acknowledge achievements, big or small. Recovery is a building-block process and no success is too small to be counted. Recognizing each achievement can help build and maintain morale throughout treatment.

Anniston Alabama Drug Rehab: Remember that mistakes and failures happen. Everyone makes mistakes and each person moves through recovery at their own pace. There will be set backs but they arent the end of the world. Each day presents a new opportunity to learn.

Anniston Alabama Drug Rehab: Shift your outlook on life. Try to begin each day with a positive outlook. You have the power to decide what youre going to think about first. For example, you can dwell on the feeling of having made less progress than you wanted the day before, or you can, make the conscious choice to accept what happened as part of the process and continue to move forward today.

Anniston Alabama Drug Rehab: Avoid making comparisons. Each persons struggle with addiction is unique. Although your situation may be similar to someone elses, everyone heals at their own pace.

Anniston Alabama Drug Rehab: Distract Yourself. Any addict would benefit from a long list of distractions, activities than can take her mind off of a cig, a glass of Merlot, or a suicidal plot (during a severe depression). Some good ones: crossword puzzles, novels, Sudoku, e-mails, reading Beyond Blue (a must!); walking the dog (pets are wonderful buddies and can improve mental health), card games, movies, American Idol (as long as you dont make fun of the contestantsbad for your depression, as it attracts bad karma); sports, de-cluttering the house (cleaning out a drawer, a file, or the garageor just stuffing it with more stuff); crafts; gardening (even pulling weeds, which you can visualize as the marketing director that you hate working with); exercise; nature (just sitting by the water); and music (even Yanni works, but Id go classical).

Anniston Alabama Drug Rehab: Sweat. Working out is technically an addiction for me (according to some lame article I read), and I guess I do have to be careful with it since I have a history of an eating disorder (who doesnt?). But there is no depression buster as effective for me than exercise. An aerobic workout not only provides an antidepressant effect, but you look pretty stupid lighting up after a run (trust me, I used to do it all the time and the stares werent friendly) or pounding a few beers before the gym. I dont know if its the endorphins or what, but I just thinkeven praymuch better and feel better with sweat dripping down my face.