Detox Panama City FL

Detox Panama City FL: Join a support group whether you join a church based group, AA or other social support network, they can provide wonderful value, help and wisdom to your recovery efforts

Detox Panama City FL: Work or donate some of your time being productive at your job or giving back to a cause you believe it will do wonders for your self-esteem. Making a positive contribution at work or for others will give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride.

Detox Panama City FL: Never give up whatever you do, regardless of the challenges or obstacles you face, do not give up or give in to the disease. Rely on your family, friends and support tools to keep going in the face of temptations and difficult days.

Detox Panama City FL: Be kind to yourself. In the past, youve likely beaten yourself up over misdeeds youve committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but its important to realize that those feelings are perfectly normal and happen to almost everyone in early recovery. Its OK if you dont succeed at the first try in everything you attempt.

Detox Panama City FL: Know the Warning Signs If you choose to drink or use drugs, stay alert to the signs of addiction, including withdrawal symptoms, tolerance, losing control, changes in diet, sleep or behavior patterns, abandoning activities you used to enjoy, and negative consequences related to your drinking. When in doubt, ask a therapist, rehab center or healthcare provider for an assessment to determine whether your drug use has become a problem.

Detox Panama City FL: Set and Work Toward Goals People who set realistic goals and actively work toward them are less likely to get sidetracked by drugs or alcohol than people who feel they are not achieving their goals or dont have anything to work toward.

Detox Panama City FL: Get Treatment for Mental Illness Substance abuse is strongly correlated with mental illness. If you struggle with depression, anxiety, a personality disorder or another psychiatric condition, seek help from a mental health professional rather than self-medicating with drugs or alcohol.

Detox Panama City FL