Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore County

Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore County: Keep a Record. One definition of suffering is doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting different results. Its so easy to see this pattern in others: Katherine, for Gods sake, Barbie doesnt fit down in the drain (its not a water slide) or the alcoholic who swears she will be able to control her drinking once she finds the right job. But I can be so blind to my own attempts at disguising self-destructive behavior in a web of lies and rationalizations. Thats why, when Im in enough pain, I write everything downso I can read for myself exactly how I felt after I had lunch with the person who likes to beat me up as a hobby, or after eight weeks of a Marlboro binge, or after two weeks on a Hershey-Starbucks diet. Maybe its the journalist in me, but the case for breaking a certain addiction, or stopping a behavior contributing to depression, is much stronger once you can read the evidence provided from the past.

Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore County: Be the Expert. The quickest way you learn material is by being forced to teach it. I adamantly believe that you have to fake it til you make it. And I always feel less depressed after I have helped someone who is struggling with sadness. Its the twelfth step of the twelve-step program, and a cornerstone of recovery. Give and you shall receive. The best thing I can do for my brain is to find a person in greater pain than myself and to offer her my hand. If she takes it, Im inspired to stand strong, so I can pull her out of her funk. And in that process, I am often pulled out of mine.

Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore County: Shift your outlook on life. Try to begin each day with a positive outlook. You have the power to decide what youre going to think about first. For example, you can dwell on the feeling of having made less progress than you wanted the day before, or you can, make the conscious choice to accept what happened as part of the process and continue to move forward today.

Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore County: Avoid making comparisons. Each persons struggle with addiction is unique. Although your situation may be similar to someone elses, everyone heals at their own pace.

Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore County: Ask for help. At some point or another everyone needs a little extra help. Asking for assistance enables you to broaden your horizons and gives you a chance to grow on your path to recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore County: Just Say No The most obvious way to prevent addiction is to avoid drugs and alcohol. But its not always that simple. Because human beings are wired for pleasure-seeking and will always pursue quick relief from pain, the just say no approach has failed in the past and will continue to be only a partial answer to addiction prevention. If you decide to drink alcohol, do so moderately (no more than one drink a day for most women and no more than two drinks a day for most men, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). While most people may be able to drink moderately without difficulty, those with a family history of addiction or other risk factors may find that their habit quickly escalates to heavy drinking or alcoholism.

Substance Abuse Treatment Baltimore County