New Mexico Rehabilitation Center Las Cruces

New Mexico Rehabilitation Center Las Cruces. Be kind to yourself. In the past, youve likely beaten yourself up over misdeeds youve committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but its important to realize that those feelings are perfectly normal and happen to almost everyone in early recovery. Its OK if you dont succeed at the first try in everything you attempt. New Mexico Rehabilitation Center Las Cruces. Delay Alcohol Use Research shows that alcoholism is more prevalent among those who begin drinking at an early age. Delaying alcohol use until age 21 or later may reduce the risk of alcohol-related problems in adulthood. New Mexico Rehabilitation Center Las Cruces. Limit Negative Influences Both adolescents and adults are heavily influenced by their peers and their desire to fit in. Associating with people who abuse drugs or alcohol or who have accepting attitudes toward substance abuse increases the likelihood of drug abuse. New Mexico Rehabilitation Center Las Cruces. Put-downs are a waste of time. How often have you heaped criticism upon yourself because you think that youre worthless or dense or just dont get it? This type of self-criticism, however, is not only unproductive, but its also a waste of time and effort. Why take the time to beat yourself up when you can be doing something proactive for your recovery? Instead of stewing in such negative thoughts, get out there and do something actionable for your recovery. Your self-esteem will pick up the more you do instead of think and not do what you need to do for your recovery. New Mexico Rehabilitation Center Las Cruces. Distortions and filtering should be eliminated. While were on the subject of negative thinking and negativity, consider how your view of situations and people is distorted and filtered if you engage in this practice. When you make a mistake, perhaps on a work project or something at home, you may have a tendency to think that everyone knows about it and blames you for it. Maybe youll even extend this line of thinking to the belief that others will think youre not up to the job or task. Instead of dwelling on your mistake or error, get busy remedying the situation. Take action. Dont sit around mulling over all the possible negative outcomes. Own up to whats happened and work on a positive solution. This will eliminate the self-perpetuating cycle of negativity and help boost your self-esteem in the process. New Mexico Rehabilitation Center Las Cruces. Follow your relapse prevention training. You worked very hard on this while you were in treatment and you have mentally prepared for many different situations that might lead to relapse. Use your new knowledge diligently the first year, and you will find that it will help you out of many situations. Former alcoholics who ignore the new knowledge and skills and ignore the triggers and situations that may bring about relapse are asking for trouble. Your knowledge of Relapse Awareness is an important key to recovery, and it should be followed explicitly.