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New Mexico Rehab Roswell NM. Build Strong Relationships A strong support system can be a strong protective factor against addiction. Whether you turn to friends, family, the community or a higher power, finding someone you can lean on can help you work through stress and other emotions without a chemical escape. New Mexico Rehab Roswell NM. Find Out What Is Expected of You. Another step that you should take in regards to your relationships with family and friends is to speak with them and find out what they expect you to do, how they hope that you will behave in dealing with them, and what they need from you. If, for example, you got started drinking or using drugs as a teenager, and you are now in your late 20s or early 30s, life is very different now from how it was when you were last sober and a functioning member of the family, so its time to establish the roles and expectation in those relationships. This discussion is not only for your sake. They have gotten used to seeing you as an addict, and have grown accustomed to thinking of you within that framework and will have a tendency to keep acting towards you that way or might expect too much now that you are sober and everything is different. Talking about expectations will help them to take a look at the situation in present time and form more realistic standards moving forward. New Mexico Rehab Roswell NM. Get Enough Rest. Whatever your sleep schedule was while you were addicted, it was in all likelihood not one that was conducive to good physical and mental health. Sleeping all day and staying up all night, sleeping off and on through the night, going days on end without sleep and then crashing these are only a few common examples of the kinds of schedules which characterize rest for an addict. You might be surprised to see what a difference it can make to get yourself into a rhythm of sleeping for eight hours every night. It can translate to higher energy levels, a far better mood, sharper mental alertness, less illness and more. New Mexico Rehab Roswell NM. Put-downs are a waste of time. How often have you heaped criticism upon yourself because you think that youre worthless or dense or just dont get it? This type of self-criticism, however, is not only unproductive, but its also a waste of time and effort. Why take the time to beat yourself up when you can be doing something proactive for your recovery? Instead of stewing in such negative thoughts, get out there and do something actionable for your recovery. Your self-esteem will pick up the more you do instead of think and not do what you need to do for your recovery.