Baltimore Inpatient Detox

Baltimore Inpatient Detox- Delay Alcohol Use Research shows that alcoholism is more prevalent among those who begin drinking at an early age. Delaying alcohol use until age 21 or later may reduce the risk of alcohol-related problems in adulthood.

Baltimore Inpatient Detox- Limit Negative Influences Both adolescents and adults are heavily influenced by their peers and their desire to fit in. Associating with people who abuse drugs or alcohol or who have accepting attitudes toward substance abuse increases the likelihood of drug abuse.

Baltimore Inpatient Detox- Manage Stress Stress is one of the most commonly cited reasons for substance abuse. Rather than spiraling out of control, take steps to manage your stress before problems get out of hand. Exercise, meditate, or talk to a friend, spiritual advisor or therapist whatever helps you unwind without relying on the temporary fix of drugs or alcohol.

Baltimore Inpatient Detox- Grab Your Security Item. Everyone needs a blankie. Okay, not everyone. Mentally ill recovering addicts like myself need a blankie, a security object to hold when they get scared or turned around. Mine is a medal of St. Therese that I carry in my purse or in pocket. Im a bit of a scrupulous, superstitious Catholic (I fit the religious OCD profile), but my medal (and St. Therese herself) give me consolation, so shes staying in my pocket or purse. She reminds me that the most important things are sometimes invisible to the eye: like faith, hope, and love. When I doubt all goodness in the worldand accuse God of a bad creation jobI simply close my eyes and squeeze the medal.

Baltimore Inpatient Detox- Get on Your Knees. This would be the addiction-virgins first point, not the eleventh, and it would be followed by instructions on how to pray the rosary or say the Stations of the Cross. But I think that the true addict or depressive need only utter a variation of these two simple prayers: Help! and Take the bloody thing from me, now!“. Do Nothing. If you do nada, that means youre not getting worse, and that is perfectly acceptable most days. After all, tomorrow is another day.