inte33: asubmissivestory: We’d sexted all afternoon. It’s part…



We’d sexted all afternoon. It’s part of our foreplay. It keeps us both on edge, and especially me. She can have orgasms whenever She wants; I don’t have that luxury. I get them when She says I can. A little after five, She texted me: “pet, I need Your tongue. Be waiting for Me in the living room, naked and on your knees.”

I love these moments, and crave them. Everything about them. Waiting for Her naked and in a sexually submissive position. Feeling the warmth of Her body as She pulls my face into Her without a word. Being engulfed by the smell and wetness of Her desire and lust. The way Her hair crushes up against my nose and tickles it. The sound of Her moans as She pulls me in even deeper and raises Her leg over my shoulder for better leverage. The feeling of safety and comfort of as She wraps Herself around me. And especially how I crave to get so close to Her that I want to climb up inside Her and then eat Her from the inside out.

That is my lust for Her. That is my love for Her.