jacksharesjill: My wife doesn’t do this to me; she doesn’t want…


My wife doesn’t do this to me; she
doesn’t want to tell me the truth and embarrass me.  But,
sometimes I want to hear it from her… the truth.  I’ll let
her get drunk and take her to bed, get her cumming and with her lying
face down, penetrating her from behind, my cock buried in her, she’s
unable to lie to me to save me from the jealousy that I bring down on
myself.  She can’t help but tell me the hard truth, even though she
obviously knows what I’m doing.

“Who’s fucking you, Baby?”
I’ll whisper in her ear.

“I don’t know, I can’t see him.”
She’ll answer.

“Is it John?  (..or Bob, or Dave,
or Mike, or any of her past boytoys; all much bigger than me.)

“No, not John.”

“How can you tell?”

“John is so much bigger.  He fucks
my pussy so good and reaches so deep in me.”

“Is he a better fuck than who’s
fucking you now?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah, Baby!  John’s the
best fuck; his big cock makes me cum so good.  He touches those
places way deep inside me.”

“Those special deep places aren’t
being touched now?”

“No, Baby.  I wish they were, I
cum so much harder that way.

“Well, is it Mike?”

“No, Baby.  Mike’s so much
thicker, and longer, too.  He really stretches me out and fills me
with manmeat.  I’d know if it was Mike; I’d be cumming right now.”

“Would you rather it be one of
your fuck buddies fucking you now?”

“Oh, yeah, Baby.  I’m so horny for
their big cocks now.  Are you teasing me?  Is somebody here for me?”

“Is that what you’d want, Baby?
One of your boytoys right now?  Fucking you?  While I watch?”

“Oh, fuck yeah, Baby!  You got me
so horny for a big, stiff cock now.  That’s what I need, right now!
You could get off in me after they’ve finished with me.”

That’s usually enough for me to
explode in her pussy!  But, not to satisfy her.

“Oh, Baby.  You shot off your nut.
I need to cum again, Baby.”  As she rolled over and spread her
legs.  “Lick my pussy, Baby.  Suck on my clit and give me
another orgasm, ok?  Your tongue gets me off so good!“

That story though…