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Tonight I finally got unlocked

“Brrr it’s cold in here” I said,

“You know where it would be nice and warm? Under the blankets between my legs.” She said, waiting expectantly for me to lick her to Oh.

A few minutes later, I come up and see she was on Tumblr.

“You can unlock yourself now.”

I unlocked, took it off, and started to get hard. She slowly started applying lube to me before climbing on top.

“Tell me when you’re about to pass the point of no return.” She said slowly lowering herself onto me. It only took a couple seconds before she was saying things like, “I can’t wait to get fucked at the club again!” And making herself cum on my member

She came two or three times before hopping off to give me a handjob.

“You know when I give other guys handjob and blowjobs it’s to make them cum. I just want you to cum so I can stop touching you”

“Ok im cumming!” I say as she quickly releases my dick and taking away all satisfaction of orgasm. She watched with excitement, a perfectly ruined orgasm.

“Alright go put your cage back on!” She said playfully.

She masturbated twice while I wrote this next to me.

This was my first successful ruined orgasm and it was incredibly hot. I loved watching Taylor’s throbbing cock pumping out cum sad and untouched.


Go ahead Baby… cum in my mouth

Go ahead Baby… cum in my mouth

Just remember… I don’t swallow


Tastes good… doesn’t it Baby

Tastes good… doesn’t it Baby


That’s a good Pet… clean up all that na…

That’s a good Pet… clean up all that nasty cum


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We do! 💦💦💦💦💦💦








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